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Marchand gets Menaced with his own Medicine

May 16, 2024, 3:26 AM ET [2053 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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When it comes to our hero with the Napoleon complex, I am not up in arms about the collision that occurred rendering him unable to play. Baby Bear has a notorious reputation for suspect tactics, and when you are on the ice at the same time, your head better be on a swivel. I don’t advocate purposely trying to injure someone, and I am positive that it is not the case, regardless of the whining chowder heads saying so. Number 63 has had a history of malicious intent and he got what was coming to him. When you have a track record of finishing checks in a questionable manor, you better believe that your target is going to gets his hands up to protect himself from the impact. You also have to be aware that he just might try to mitigate your momentum by trying to inflict some might of his own. Sam Bennett conducted a normal hockey motion trying to get to the bench, knowing that the zany Marchand was coming for him. Was he going to get submarined, licked, slashed, or slew-footed? Psycho only hibernates for so long before it is time to come out of hiding. You can’t trust a grizzly who might what to remove one of your limbs. This Boston staple can definitely play the game at a high level, but let’s not forget who he is, and the crest he represents. The “Big Bad Bruins” will never be able to escape the label that was put on them. It is there for a reason. As a Sabres fan, they have to be in your top three hated franchises. Two game seven heartbreaks. Steve Leach scoring on Tom Draper as the clock ticked down in 1992, and Brad Park’s overtime winner in 1983. You have to know your history and never forget it. I don’t like the fact that their owner is from our city, and I don’t appreciate the reality that many years ago, when I went to the top floor of the Delaware North building, I saw the taxadermied beast encased in glass. I am pretty sure it was laughing, hopefully it is not a curse. Watching the B’s struggle has been most enjoyable, and I hope Florida can finish them off. I can see the Buffalo stampeding the Bear in the near future. I am witnessing flaws in their fur, and I am not convinced that they have retooled properly. Sorry, back to the other Brad, take a look at some of these antics and tell me that he participates in clean hockey.

Lindy and the big club finally rounded out their coaching staff and have promoted Seth Appert to be an assistant coach. The other members are Amir Gulati, Mike Bales, Marty Wilford, Justin White, Mike Ansell, and of course, Robet Ray’s favorite, Matty Ellis. Hopefully, Ruff is the commanding force that guides these guys in the right direction. I am nervous that we are not looking for more change. Rochester had an early exit this year, and looked unprepared in the critical contest on home ice against Syracuse. The geniuses that are holding on to their jobs had no answers during the season. Nobody could implement a strategy for success that was sustainable. I wasn’t there, but results don’t lie, and failure seemed to be passively accepted.

I understand that we are in the fledging stages of adding the necessary pieces to eradicate the demons, but the way we are going at it so far better not be the new normal. Adams talks about being aggressive and being passionately on the job, but so far these moves are forgone conclusions. There are no surprises, nothing out of the ordinary, everything is just falling into his lap and being proclaimed as well thought out decisions. Let's hope this isn't true laziness in disguise. Changing the roster needs to be brave, perhaps cutting edge, or innovative. Most of all it has to be combative. We are at war to get to the top tier. Nothing will fall from the sky when you are in cottage country or holding a golf club. So far everything has been negotiated with friends. Although I have faith that there is a plan to accomplish a higher standard in place, this summer better not go by without getting quality from the outside. We have the assets to upgrade. If big moves are made, we better have been at least in the conversation. Kevyn, we appreciate you giving yourself an ultimatum and putting your job on the line, but at this point in time you have not done anything arduous. We are all aware that this period of the off season is stagnant while the cup hasn’t been awarded as of yet, but I am sure there are rumbles under the surface. Your loyal supporters are anxious. Please don’t let this be you -

Notes from going offsides –

Vsevolod Komarov is garnering some well-earned attention. The twenty-year-old former fifth round draft choice was named the QJMHL’s top defenseman, and helped his team win a berth to the Memorial Cup for the second year in a row. His emergence, and hopeful transition to the pro game, has possibly made the blueline more crowded than ever. This might give us flexibility in our bottom six and may make some veteran players expendable.

Regardless of the Rochester falling short in their quest for the Calder Cup, Devon Levi proved that he certainly has what it takes to be a quality goaltender in the NHL. He carried The Americans with a 16-6-4 record through the regular season, and showed his athleticism on a consistent basis. His maturity and composure should help him challenge UPL for time in the crease.

Does anyone hope that the Sabres have locked Owen Power in a weight room?

Until next time,

Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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