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A chance to see Edvinsson and Czarnik tomorrow vs. Colorado?

March 17, 2023, 5:13 PM ET [15 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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Many of you know that Edvinsson was the draft pick I was hoping for in his draft year (2021). As I did what little bit of scouting a nobody from Oakland County, MI can do, he was one I just couldn’t ignore. I believe Feds and Sven both pointed out that we had been loading up on right shot defense and Edvinsson just seemed to fit a very specific need. Even being called “akin to Victor Hedman, though not quite that level), that is high praise.

An injured Ben Chiarot has opened an opportunity for Simon, while Czarnik looks to be getting a shot on the 4th line.

I’m very excited and hopeful. Some of you know I was a worship leader/pastor and went through ordination and faith classes. Numerology fascinated me. The number 7 is used to indicate “completeness”. Hence the, forgive your brother not 7 times, but 70 times 70. That’s not 490 and you’re out, but an indication of always being ready to forgive. (The number 6 indicates mortal man, hence 666 is meaningful as the ultimate indicator of a Godless entity”. Clear digression there.

I want to apologize for my absence. My illness has had a recent spike and though I watched 30 seconds of the NHL/Disney cartoon version of Caps/Rangers (I will withhold comment) trying to watch a game was causing heart issues. It looks like I’ve had another mini stroke. I feel like, and wish, that I could have just pushed through. I was able to text with some friends and that was helpful to at least stay sane. The HB community deserves much better than what I have given you this (and other) weeks. I will try harder to put forth a better effort.

In the end, I know there is a lot of not great news (as has been the case for a while it seems). I remind myself that bad news equals ratings and try to separate where I can. It is my sincere hope that hockey is at least a moment of escapism, the same as any wonderful thing. (B.B. King live recordings, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lake Michigan in the late summer and fall, etc). For your health and strength, please allow yourself some time to breathe and enjoy the little things.
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