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Forums :: Blog World :: Ben Shelley: Did the Hurricanes do enough at the trade deadline?
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Ben Shelley
Joined: 07.23.2019

Mar 5 @ 6:10 PM ET
Ben Shelley: Did the Hurricanes do enough at the trade deadline?
Joined: 02.06.2021

Mar 5 @ 6:34 PM ET
The Canes have been a damn good club all season although I would never have acquired Kase or Pacioretty based on there injury history or Puljujarvi based on the fact that he's never been more than an AHL All Star for his entire career.
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Joined: 02.09.2015

Mar 5 @ 7:18 PM ET
Meier is the only top forward that makes any sense for the org. They tried and lost out on him. Everyone acts as if Boston already won the SC. They're an excellent team, but they still have to win it and the EC is hellacious this year. Unlike the rest of the EC contenders, CAR is positioned to contend for the indefinite future. Staying a contender for as many years as possible is more valuable than having a short window to compete.
Vancouver Canucks
Location: Canuckville, BC
Joined: 01.09.2015

Mar 6 @ 12:57 AM ET
No they did not but still a roster that could scare anyone in 7 games.

What is why no big add anyways?

Playoff scoring it isn’t easy at the best of times & many teams can slow down offence in the crazy hard eastern gauntlet to the finals.
Location: BC
Joined: 11.18.2016

Mar 6 @ 9:43 AM ET
Carolina missed out and will struggle to make the conference finals. Sometimes you need to take the next step, Carolina is in that spot.
Carolina Hurricanes
Location: Indian Trial, NC
Joined: 08.16.2011

Mar 6 @ 10:25 AM ET
Of course, would have loved to get a Timo Meier, but the cost was very high for a player who didn't want to sign an extension with NJD. He will demand somewhere between 8-9 M and that could become a quick problem. Plus giving up a first and most likely a rostered player like Seth Jarvis would have been a risk. This gives the Canes' a chance to build in the summer, which has always been their preferred route. Plus NJD has to pony up a 10M QO just to negotiate a probable extension.

I'm quite happy with Ghost so far. He will definitely improve their PP and only time will tell on Jesse P, who is low risk, high reward for his remaining contract. If he doesn't work hard, coach will have him riding the pine.

My concern is our goalie health for the Playoffs, if Freddy can stay well we have a chance. Also better to have the cap space for a goalie upgrade this summer if possible.
Location: Yes
Joined: 02.08.2016

Mar 7 @ 9:44 PM ET

This is God’s gift to defensive hockey

You have firepower on all 3 pairings, and in the top 6. Let the bottom 6 smother. No offence for anyone.