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Zak MacMillan
Columbus Blue Jackets
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Mar 17 @ 2:50 PM ET
Zak MacMillan: CBJ G68 @ Anaheim Ducks - Quacked
Joined: 03.16.2009

Mar 18 @ 11:45 AM ET
What (IMO) we have learned about the CBJ on this trip:

1. The West is not as good as the East, the CBJ have been in all three games on this road trip, but if they were playing teams in the East they would have been hammered. Even LA has holes on their team.
2. Elvis looks like a goalie, sadly our two current netminders have bad streaks in every game that makes the team look terrible.
3. I feel sorry for CBJ season ticket holders, the team has more or less fallen apart, the two losses on this road trip should have been victories. I don't understand how they can play so badly. Even last night there were at least four times in the offensive zone passes were so telegraphed that Ducks' players were waiting for passes to come to them, leading to odd-man rushes and at least one breakaway.
4. This team is trying so hard to score goals because the offense is almost nonexistent they open themselves up to give golden chances on the other end of the ice.

5. Congrats to Sillinger on his goal last night. He finally made one count after getting in the right place at the right time. Unreal that it is only his 3rd goal of the season.